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Having consultations on questions asked by members related to the various production stages and units, labeling, claims, formulation of semi-finished products and final forms. Introduction to the latest legislative changes and current restrictions in the field of raw materials. Providing information on required laboratory tests and trials. Assisting in the preparation of business strategies and implementation of trade contacts.


Publishing Activity

The publishing activity of BNAEOPC is extremely diverse. It covers topics relevant to the essential oils and cosmetics industry such as: European legislation in the field of essential oils and cosmetics industry, EU Guides, Cosmetic Europe, IKW, MoEW and others.

Since 2000 BNAEOPC has been publishing a Scientific Information Bulletin “Essential Oils, Perfumery and Cosmetics”, which contains information about the activities of the association, about legislative changes, as well as marketing and scientific information.

Since 2008, BNAEOPC has been publishing a weekly electronic newsletter.

In the period 2000 – 2014 BNAEOPC has published more than 80 types of publications.

Book Editions

Catalogue with paper

Information Bulletin

Information bulletin

Online Editions

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Натиснете за да увеличите

With the entry into force of Regulation 1223/2009, the placing on the market of cosmetic products will be preceded by the registration of the manufacturer / importer / distributor in the Centralized System for Notification of Cosmetic Products in the European Union and also a notification of each cosmetic product. This obligation applies to products that are already on the market as well.

In this regard, BNAEOPC offers a new paid service for cosmetic companies: registration in CPNP and / or notification of cosmetic products.


Trainings and Seminars

The training program of BNAEOPC complies with the requirements of Bulgarian and European legislation and international standards concerning the essential oils and cosmetics industry. A training program is prepared annually in accordance with the current challenges facing the industry. Since 2000 by the end of 2013 the association has organized 52 specialized trainings, seminars and international forums on topics: European and national legislation concerning the production process; Cosmetic GMP; Good production and agricultural practices for Essential oils industry; REACH, Organic Farming; Global trends in the field of raw materials; Natural cosmetics, etc.



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