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BNAEOPC, 8, Tsar Kaloyan Str. Tel.  +359 32 96 78 35 Tel.  +359 32 96 78 34; e-mail:office@bnaeopc.com



How to become a member of BNAEOPC

In the Bulgarian National Association Essential Oils, Perfumery and Cosmetics (BNAEOPC) volunteers can participate entities in manufacturing, trade and other activities related to the industry.

Basic foundation membership BNAEOPC desire for cooperation and assistance in achieving certain objectives relevant to the individual company and the industry as a whole.

First of all on behalf of Management body we are glad that your company is interested in becoming member of BNAEOPC. The procedure for application is not complicated but nevertheless there are some basic rules.

§ The rights and obligations of the members of BNAEOPC are detailed in the Articles of Association of a document you can get an idea of ​​the structure of BNAEOPC of the powers of its governing bodies.

۩ In summary, BNAEOPC members are eligible to participate in the activities of the association, to initiate its activities, to be consulted by its experts and generally expect BNAEOPC to represent and defend their interests.

The company-applicant should send us an official Request for becoming a BNAEOPC member. The request includes company’s statement that it agrees with the provisions of BNAEOPC Statute, Rules and Ethic Code. There is no officially approved template of the request.

The company-applicant should have at least a trade representative in Bulgaria

The legal entity (the company) becomes our member. BNAEOPC doesn’t have members-physical persons.

Application in BNAEOPC goes through the following steps:

۩ 1. Visualizing interest in membership in the association and filling in the following set of documents:

The request should have the following documents as enclosure:

1.1. Application for membership - application form
1.2. Document (most of the meeting) stating the decision of the governing body of the legal entity membership BNAEOPC.
1.3 A copy of the decision on registration of the legal entity.
1.4. A copy of the certificate of good standing of the entity.
1.5. Company presentation that includes information about the work of the candidate, a brief company history and description of the main products, brands etc. (This can be electronic presentation, company brochure or catalog, etc.).
1.6. Two references from company in the industry, free text in which reference Referrer Company as a loyal partner, thriving company with business in the industry, etc.
1.7. Registration form - application form
1.8. Logo of the applicant and other information in electronic form of BG and ENG (incl. Name, coordinates and contact person) for inclusion in the electronic catalog of the members of the branch site BNAEOPC

Completed Documents should send scanned signature and print e-mail: office@bnaeopc.com or by mail at: 4000  Plovdiv, 8,Tsar Kaloyan str.  fl. 3 office 2.

۩ 2. Application (complete set of documents) the company shall be submitted for review and approval / diversion of upcoming regular meeting of the Management and Supervisory Board of BNAEOPC (four or five times a year on a regular basis).
۩ 3. Decision of the Board of BNAEOPC be communicated in writing to the applicant.

§ The annual membership fee BNAEOPC varies according to two criteria:
1 Size of the applicant (micro, small, medium, large)
2 Sub-sector activity falls the candidate
◊ essential oils industry;
perfumery, cosmetics and toiletries
suppliers and manufacturers of raw materials, packaging and equipment;
TP of international companies;
distributor of extreme forms;
scientific or educational institution with industrial activity;
research laboratory, clinic or institute operating analysis and research in the field, etc.).

§ The amount shall be communicated to the applicant upon submission of information on key economic parameters included in the application form.

§ Annual dues are due one or in two equal installments - for the first and second half of the calendar year.

§ Additional and once paid introductory membership fee when taking approved 50% of the annual amount determined by the Board.

Because the procedure itself reception is finalized at a meeting of the Board does not mean that during this time the applicant will not receive assistance and support. Apply for membership directly will be included in the database of recipients of weekly newsletter which is extremely valuable information on developments in the law and requirements for document production and trade. 



Bulgarian National Association Essential oils, Perfumery and Cosmetics (BNAEOPC)
 Bulgaria, 4000 Plovdiv, 8 Tsar Kaloyan str., fl.3, off. 2
 tel. ++359 32 967 834, tel. ++359 32 967 835;

office@bnaeopc.com; www.bnaeopc.com;

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