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BNAEOPC, 8, Tsar Kaloyan Str. Tel.  +359 32 96 78 35 Tel.  +359 32 96 78 34; e-mail:office@bnaeopc.com


The Bulgarian National Association Essential Oils, Perfumery and Cosmetics (BNAEOPC) is an association for a private benefit according to Bulgarian Non-profit making Legal Entities Act and its members can be legal entities and natural persons registered as per the Commerce Act (Law for trade registration) and engaged in production, trade, science and education in the field of essential oils, perfumery and cosmetics industries in Bulgaria.

BNAEOPC functions on the principles of autonomy, democracy, mandate structure, delegacy and self-financing.

BNAEOPC operates and bases its activities on legislation, including the applicable legislation in the field of competition on its Statute, Code of Ethics as well as on the decisions of its management bodies, made within the extent of their authorities.