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BNAEOPC, 8, Tsar Kaloyan Str. Tel.  +359 32 96 78 35 Tel.  +359 32 96 78 34; e-mail:office@bnaeopc.com



National Laboratory Bul rose Ltd. (www.bulroselab.com) is established at the beginning of 2010. It’s a result of a longterm project of Bulgarian National Association Essential oils, Perfumery and Cosmetics (BNAEOPC), financed by GTZ (German Bureau for Technical Support).

NL Bul rose Ltd is a neutral independent accredited laboratory for analyzes of cosmetic products, essential oils and natural aroma products.

The Laboratory is a part of one bigger project of BNAEOPC for defense the unique Bulgarian rose oil, the symbol of Bulgaria. A group of rose oil producers, supported by BNAEOPC, has started the procedure for registration of Bulgarian rose oil as protected geographical indication in EU Register. The laboratory is planned to be a controlling laboratory, issuing certificates for the quality and the origin of the tested oils. Due to the up-to-date technology and the expertise of the staff the laboratory is a real guarantee for the quality and authenticity of the Bulgarian essential oils and natural aroma products.

NL Bul rose Ltd is specialized in analyzes of cosmetic products as well.

More information about National Laboratory Bul rose Ltd. you can find at www.bulroselab.com.